About us

About us

Inventory Advantage was founded from an observation of inaccurate and inefficient inventory processes that were also slow and out-of-date. Our goals, ambitions, and aspirations have come together to form a client-forward company that is agile and customizable to meet every need. Get in touch to learn more about Inventory Advantage, and how we’ve been loyally serving our customers in new and cost-savings ways.

Medical Equipment Inventory

Conducting an inventory for a hospital or medical facility requires specialized knowledge and understanding of the care environment.  We have experience in this area and will ensure the least possible impact on your patients.

Facilities/Fixed Asset

Knowing the current state of your fixed asset inventory is important both financially and logistically, so good capital expenditure decisions can be made. We provide services for baseline asset management, asset audits, CMMS deployments and mapping, and facilities condition reports.

Inventory Audits

We provide independent 3rd-party inventory audit services for your existing database by cross-checking financial records with physical inventory and records.


Inventory Advantage’s bar-coding service can help maintain accurate accounting and tracking of assets on an on-going basis.


Accuracy is the cornerstone of Inventory Advantage’s fixed asset inventory services. A count process we Admin123!!Trained Workforce

Trained employees provide the expertise to perform fixed asset inventory services so that your employees can concentrate on their core functions.

Benefits to your organization

Inventory Advantage can provide a comprehensive account of all assets across multiple locations, streamlining your asset utilization.

Project Management Expertise

A fixed asset inventory takes planning to succeed. We provide hands-on project management expertise that you can rely on.